So Much More…

“That moment when you realize you should be doing so much more…”

On the surface, a simple tweet sent during a morning of helping connect an Elevation Church volunteer looking to get proper care for a homeless gentleman with the right person to help at Urban Ministry Center.

But deep down, a simple tweet with significantly more meaning than is captured in those 12 words.

God has blessed me with a skillset and multiple opportunities to help those less fortunate in our community, but I feel strongly in my heart I haven’t made the most of those gifts.

In his sermon this week, Pastor Craig Groeschel from posed the question: “What story does God want you to tell?” A pretty big question when you realize you don’t know the answer.

So there’s my dilemma… am I living a story worth telling? Seriously, a story worth telling.

But the good news is it’s not too late to begin because the decisions I make today will determine the story I tell tomorrow.

So, today I ask God to help me author the right story. The story He wants me to tell. The story that will truly make an impact in our community.

About Bo Hussey

Passionate about my faith, family & work. Account Lead at Wray Ward. All things Broncos, Reds, Bobcats and Pearl Jam. Love helping others. Outreach liaison between Elevation Church and Urban Ministry Center. Safe Alliance Board of Directors. Acts 20:24 View all posts by Bo Hussey

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